Competition Rules


A monthly competition is held on the 4th Monday of each month at the Main Huntsville Public Library.

Members may submit Color prints, Monochrome prints, Digital Color or Digital Monochrome images that conform to the topic for that month.

Monthly Awards:

  • First Place: 5 points
  • Second Place: 4 points
  • Third Place: 3 points
  • Honorable Mention: 1 point

The judge is usually from outside the HPS.


In December of each year an annual banquet is held in lieu of regular meetings. The results of the Best of Year Competition and the President's Award are presented.
All entries that have placed in the monthly competitions are eligible.

Print images must be turned in by the last competition in November to be considered.

All Digital images that have placed throughout the year are automatically entered.

Annual Awards

  • Best of Year: presented to the best photograph in each category.
  • Best of Year Monochrome Print
  • Best of Year Color Print
  • Best of Year Monochrome Digital
  • Best of Year Color Digital
  • President's Award: presented to the HPS member who has accumulated the most competition points during the year.


Only current, dues-paying, members in good standing are eligible to enter the competition.

HPS membership is open to all people regardless of residence. You do not need to be present at the meetings to compete. You may enter up to 4 images per monthly competition, no more than 2 per category.

  • Example 1: 2 Color Digital and 2 Color prints
  • Example 2: 2 Color Digital, 1 Color print and 1 Monochrome print
  • Example 3: 1 Monochrome Digital, 2 Color print and 1 Monochrome print
  • Example 4: 2 Color print and 2 Monochrome print

Printed entries must be submitted no later than five minutes after the time the meeting is scheduled to begin. (e.g. Entries must be in the hand of the competition secretary by 7:05PM)
Digital entries must be submitted by midnight 1 week prior to the competition.

No duplicate entries may be entered in any monthly competition. For example an image entered in Color Digital may not be entered in Color Print nor converted to Monochrome for the monochrome categories of the same contest.
Once an image has placed in a monthly competition (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mention), that image, or one nearly identical, must be retired and may not be re-entered in another monthly HPS competition.
The originating format of the photo does not dictate which category you may enter. You may print digital images and compete in the printed category. You may scan negative film, slides or prints and compete in the digital competition. Any and all combinations are allowed.

The work must by your own original work. All pixels are to be the work of the photographer entering the competition. The author of an entry is to remain anonymous as far as possible until judging is completed.
There should be no comments made by the membership during the judging of the competition.


Digital Secretary must have photos 1 week (7 days) before the competition.

To enter the Digital competition, entries can be uploaded to the website starting the 1st of each month. There will be two separate categories for Digital, Digital Monochrome and Digital Color. Digital Monochrome may be black and white, or sepia or any other single color along with white. If an entry has two or more colors it is considered a color image and must be entered into the color category. A member may enter up to 2 entries per category for a maximum total of 4 entries (print and digital combined). Judging occurs during the week prior to the competition, therefore uploads will be disabled on Monday evening (at midnight) one week prior to the competition. The gallery will open for public viewing after the competition.

Submission Requirements:

  • Format: JPG Images Only
  • Maximum Width: 1920 pixels
  • Maximum Height: 1080 pixels
  • Quantity: Limit 2 per member


  • Color Depth: 8-bit color (8 bits/channel)
  • Color Space: sRGB color space (this is the default for most cameras)

Submission Method:

Two choices of submission will be supported:

By upload to the HPS website using this link

Be sure to include your full name, and an (optional) title and description for the image.

Security of your Images

The photo gallery will only display the full-size version of your image to the judge. The general public will be limited to a lower resolution version of the image. Additionally, you can choose to hide your image on the public gallery from an option on the upload form. HPS does not resell or use your image(s) other than to post them here, in this gallery. Winning images are also placed on the main website page for the month after competition in a banner image.


Minimum printed image size (without mat) is 5—7 inches.

Maximum size (with mat) must fit in the lightbox - 2' tall x 4' wide.

Print must be mounted and may be matted. Color mats are welcome.

Absolutely no frames!

Name and Arrow indicating which way is up must be on the back of the print!
All prints must be two dimensional. Prints that have been intentionally folded to stand out will not be allowed.

Entries must be a single print. Mats with multiple openings will not be allowed unless explicitly stated for a particular topic.


Follow the same rules as for color prints.

Monochrome prints can be Black and White or Sepia or any other single color along with white. If a print has two or more colors (i.e. hand tinted or colorized ) it is considered a color print.


HPS has nurtured some terrific relationships In the Huntsville art and photography communities. As a result we are able to find some amazing judges with a variety of techniques and backgrounds. We allow each judge to use their own methods to critique images and look forward to their insightful, helpful and informative comments. The judge also awards places to the competition entries.


  1. Fellow of HPS: An HPS member who has had twenty (20) entries that have placed during monthly competition shall attain the status of Fellow of HPS and receive a certificate so attesting.
  2. Fellow = Stars: Once a member is a Fellow of HPS, additional earned competition points shall result in the following merit star awards:
    • 20 points = Bronze Star
    • 40 points = Silver Star
    • 60 points = Gold Star
  3. Master of Photography: This is awarded after a Fellow of HPS has won one hundred (100) additional competition points and has had at least one public exhibition of his or her work.
Regarding the exhibition; you must meet the following stipulations:
  • The exhibition may be with a group of other exhibitors or a single showing.
  • The member must display a minimum of six(6) matted or framed prints.
  • Exhibition must be in a public venue.
  • The exhibition must last a minimum of 5 days.

The Huntsville Art League has a standing offer of Gallery space to any HPS member nearing the Masters level.

It is the member's responsibility to notify the Competition Secretary of the details of the public exhibition, and the HPS Competition Records Officer must certify both the points and exhibition requirement.